ISFiT-23 has elected a president

The new president ran with the theme 'Polarization' for ISFiT 2023.

Publisert Sist oppdatert

Håtveit wants to focus on polarization as a global issue, that is not just political, but also manifests as economic polarization, gender polarization, political polarization and generation polarization.

— We are more polarized than we have ever been, how does this affect us? Do we need polarization? This may be the most prominent challenge we face today, and I believe Isfit is the right platform, Håtveit said in the introductory round.

Håtveit said she will prioritize the volunteers and their ownership of the festival.

— As a volunteer this year, I felt like I didn’t discover that many projects. This became very noticeable when it went digital. Showing these projects and making them visible for both students and volunteers will be a priority.

In addition to Håtveit, Melchior Blum ran for the presidency.


The results of the vote were as following:

  • Åse Håtveit: 90 votes (60%)
  • Melchior Blum: 44 votes (29,3%)
  • Blank: 16 votes (10,7%)
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