Stand for the human rights of imprisoned people, as they are a vulnerable group that are often forgotten.


Did you know that Norway has been criticised by the UN and European Committee Against Torture. This is for extented use of isolation and critically bad mental health in our prisons. Search up the Amnesty campaign "Hun tok livet sitt rett foran øynene mine" and sign to require the Norwegian government to take responsibility. 

Amnesty International also has a yearly campaign called Write For Rights for those unfairly imprisoned. Send a small letter, drawing, poem, quote to give one of 2023's candidates hope and support. These are directly delivered to either them or their families and are welcomed with immense joy. 

You can join the Amnesty NTNU Write For Rights event at Dragvoll in week 47 or find more information online at «Write For Rights - Amnesty International». It is natural to feel overwhelmed by all the suffering in the world. Remember that you are only a human, with limited capacity, and that it isn't your repsonsibility to fight it all. However, when we in community each do whatever small action we are capable of, we create change. So however insignificant your contribution feels, remember that although you light single candle, it is a part of a sea of light.


you cut off their wings  

you put them in a cage

and then you're not willing

to understand their rage.

the fail of a system

and fail of humanity

you're surprised they fell

towards insanity but it was your hands

that pushed them in that cavity.

who am I angry at

we all are responsible 

maybe I'm just desperate 

that there's not an easy way out;

no easy solution

to society's belief

in good and evil being black and white

what a sad, poisoning pollution.


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