Changing the world through dialogue and beer. Who will lead ISFiT25?

A ten-day long party with thought-provoking discussions, cultural exchange, and dialogue is just what we need. Join the election of the new president of ISFiT25 and form the political agenda!

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A new President for the world’s largest international student festival will be elected the 22nd of March in Storsalen. Not only do we elect the next leader of a huge student organization, but we also decide what should be on the political agenda in the upcoming years. What do we think should be discussed by students from all over the world? What will be the theme of ISFiT25?

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Other than visits from Nobel Peace Prize winners and former white nationalists, concerts in Nidarosdomen, a new student peace prize winner, and a small crisis to find 300 beds in four days, ISFiT manages to affect students from all over the world.

Last year, for the first time ever, an international student festival like ISFiT was organized in Kazakhstan, and this year, another festival will be held in Egypt. During ISFiT23 we talked to students who wanted to organize their version of ISFiT in the USA. Because of the effort and work all volunteers in ISFiT and Samfundet do, students around the world gather to discuss, build bridges, and find common ground in order to solve the global issues we are facing today.

ISFiT and students in Trondheim prove that international politics and global issues are not only for «high seats» around the world, but something that affects us all in our everyday lives. Enormous challenges await our generation: climate change, increasing polarization, economic differences, the war in Europe, and upscaling conflicts. If we want to create a better future and a better world, these issues are ours to own as well. The next president of ISFiT25 is not only to lead a student organization in Trondheim, but to inspire thousands of students around the world to do the same. This is not an easy task.

The beginning of ISFiT25 is right around the corner; join us in Storsalen the 22nd of March and choose the political foundation and the next President of ISFiT25! All members of Studentersamfundet can vote!

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